Major benefits of debt collection services for our clients

The major benefits of debt collection with Van Heerden and Partners include:

  • - We work on a “no success, no fee” basis
  • - We pay the debt capital excluding commission to the client first, before collecting any expenses and fees due by the debtor
  • - Our fee structure is innovative and exclusive
  • - We operate throughout South Africa

Benefits of debt collection – Our fee structure is innovative and exclusive in South Africa

Van Heerden and Partners differs from other collection companies in that we are the only company in South Africa that pays the client their money excluding commission before collecting our outstanding fees and costs.

Clients benefit from our “no success, no fee” debt collection fee structure

Our “no success, no fee” debt collection benefit is further explained:

  • - If we are not successful in collecting money on an account, it will cost you as the client nothing.
  • - We do not charge our clients debt collection fees or costs.
  • - We work on a contingency fee, based on successful collections.
  • - The contingency fee is agreed upon between the client and us.

Clients benefit from being paid their capital first

The client’s capital payment of outstanding debt is further explained:

  • - We give the client the benefit of receiving their capital first.
  • - We only deduct our agreed contingency fee and receipt fee. The balance is paid over to the client.

Other fee structures in the debt collection market

Other debt collection companies may recover:

  • - part capital.
  • - part debt collection fees and interest.
  • - Only part of the money recovered by other debt collection companies is paid to the client.
  • - The client has to hope for the outsourced debt collector to stay motivated to collect the final payments.
  • - It could take longer for a medical practice or education institution to receive their outstanding monies.