Let our expert medical practice debt collection services reduce your stress in South Africa

Your debt recovery solution is just a phone call or an e-mail away. Get rid of your stress by outsourcing the debt collection of outstanding patient fees to us. This is a headache and a big waste of time for most medical practices.

Furthermore, this can have a negative effect on your or your staff’s morale. Staff and patients find debt collection very degrading and demotivating, lowering productivity and/or good will to your medical practice.

The benefits of hiring us as your expert medical practice debt collection company

  • - It is FREE!
  • - Productivity is increased – your staff are able to focus on more of your core medical practice business activities
  • - Better cash-flow – Our faster debt recoveries means that your practice will have better cash-flow and save money on your cash-flow facilities such as overdraft


Medical practice debt collecting services offered

We have two sections to cover all our clients’ needs: debt collecting and legal. The principles in collecting debt are the same for medical practices and educational institutions alike. Find more information about our different sections.

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