Expert educational institution debt collection services you can trust in South Africa

At Van Heerden and Parners, we are specialists in educational institution debt collection.

Educational institution debt collection requires more than just recovering outstanding fees

We are successful at recovering outstanding debts from students because our collectors:

  • - are effective “sales people”. Each overdue account holder is contacted in a spirit of cooperation, not an enemy.
  • - we sell the benefits of paying their bill

Leading educational debt collection company in South Africa

Van Heerden and Partners is one of the leading companies in the loan rehabilitation industry of Educational Institutions’ because we excel at working with students, not against them. Simply we have realised that students to be far more cooperative when they do not feel “talked down to.”

The benefits of hiring us as your expert medical practice debt collection company

  • - It is FREE!
  • - Increased productivity – your staff are able to focus on more of your core medical practice business activities
  • - cash-flow is better– Our debt recoveries service is efficient and effective means that your practice will have better cash-flow and save money on your cash-flow facilities such as overdraft


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