Our vision – Master Debt Collectors

The company was established in 2004 with the vision of becoming the top master debt collectors company in the Western Cape. We continually strive to provide innovative debt collection services to provide the best experience for our clients.

Our goals – Master Debt Collectors

To create a totally different and unique concept in debt collecting. Not only in the Western Cape, but in South Africa.

(we offer our clients different and unique benefits of debt collection services)

Our business infrastructure is crucial to our success as master debt collectors in South Africa

Over the past 8 years we have built a very strong infrastructure, leading to our recipe for success.

The following infrastructure allows us to be the preferred master debt collectors:

  • - Latest technology – different programmes and tools are utilized to trace debtors as well as adverse listing on Transunion ITC and XDS.
  • - Necessary manpower – Our staff complement of 25 allows us to be able to handle large volumes of work

One-stop debt collection shop – Our two sections cover your needs

The agreement between Van Heerden (soft debt collection services) and Jaco Pienaar attorneys (legal debt collection services) is a win-win situation for our client, as it makes us a “one-stop shop”.

1. Soft Collection Services

The following services are performed under the debt collecting section (call centre):

  • - Trace debtors
  • - Make contact via phone
  • - Send “Letter of Demand”
  • - Arrange and follow up payments
  • - Send SMS and e-mails to follow up

2. Legal Collection Services – Jaco Pienaar Attorneys

The following services are performed by Jaco Pienaar Attorneys:

  • - Should the debtor not make the arranged payment, the account is handed over to Jaco Pienaar Attorneys.
  • - All legal aspects of the collection process. (This is free to our client)
  • - Summonsing the debtor or getting the debtor to sign necessary legal documentation.
  • - Obtain judgement and an emolument attachment order against the debtor that his/her employer has to deduct and pay over in monthly instalments.

Clients get maximum benefits at no cost

Our business model and client service offering has been so refined over the last 8 years that we can give the client the benefit of getting the maximum results, without costing them a cent.

Debt collection legislation compliance

  • - Kccc assignments /TA Van Heerden and partners is registered with the council for debt collectors under act 114 of 1998. Reg No: 9395/04
  • - Registered member of Association of Debt Recovery Agents (ADRA)

Where are we?

Van Heerden and Partners has been trading in Brackenfell since 2006. (view the contact information for our debt collection office)

Read more about our specialised debt collection client base.