Van Heerden and Partners – Debt collections company in South Africa

Van Heerden and Partners is a Cape Town based outsourced debt collections company, established in 2004, specializing in recovering debt for educational institutions and medical practices in South Africa.

Debt collections services for medical practices and educational institutions in South Africa

We believe that the key to offering an effective debt collection service is through having a strong infrastructure and always maintaining a client focused outsourced debt recovery business.

Industries Served

We specialize in collecting debt for two main industries


Unique Debt Collection Benefits

We are an innovative Debt Collections company with unique client benefits such as our "NO SUCCESS, NO FEE" structure and that our CLIENTS RECEIVE THEIR CAPITAL FIRST...


Successful & can handle High Volume

The experience of the founds and the built up infrastructure, including 22 staff, has made Van Heerden one of the foremost debt collection companies in South Africa!

Soft & Legal Collections

Soft & Legal Collections

Educational Institutions

Educational Institutions

Medical Practice

Medical Practice


Van Heerden collects debt from our client's overdue debtors in a sensitive manner

Debt collection is a sensitive industry. Our clients hire us because we are sensitive to the fact that the debtors we collect from can:
  • - Still be potential clients and if this relationshiop is not handled with care, then this client and income can be lost and/or
  • - Make a public spectacle of how they were treated. This causes your brand to attain negative publicity
  • - Facilitate more timeous and
We work with the debtors in a positive way as this facilitates having a higher success rate in recovering the debt that is owed to our clients

Innovative debt collection fees structure benefits – Only company in South Africa

“No success, no fee”

If Van Heerden and Partners is not successful in collecting money on a client’s account, there is no charge for that account. We work only on a successful debt recovery contingency fee structure.

Pay the client first

Our clients are paid their capital first, excluding our commission and receipt commission.
  • - Contract fee is negotiable

Contract fee is negotiable

The contract fee is negotiable depending on:
  • - The age of the accounts
  • - The information avaiable
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